Not a FYTP, but I thought this was quite upsetting.

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Uhg stuff like this makes me so mad. People have NO appreciation for the arts and that pisses me off. My friend is going to MICA which is often listed as one of the best art schools in the country (I’m from the US) and gets this “oh…you’re going to art school” look every time she says anything about it. If you tell people you’re majoring in drama or creative writing or music or dance or art or anything that involves a single spit of creativity, you’ll get asked if you have a “back up plan.” Yes, the artistic community is very competitive. Do you know what else is competitive? BUSINESS. LAW. THE MEDICAL FIELD. SPORTS. Hell, I’m pretty sure business is even MORE competitive than theatre is. But nobody asks you what your “back up” is if you want to be a business man. Nobody looks at you twice if you want to be a pro-athlete.

What people don’t understand is that the arts are emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing. When I act well, it feels like I’m tearing out my heart and putting it on display for everyone to see. With writing I just stare at the page until I start to bleed. THAT is what makes art; pure, raw emotion, channeled into something beautiful. The fact that nobody can appreciate that, the fact that people who can throw balls or sell cars are looked up to more than people who can create masterpieces, makes me sick. But it never makes me want to give up.

Okay, here we have another example of DOING RESEARCH. Stop posting things without looking up what they actually mean. This list is from a few months ago, I believe, and the uselessness is ranked by both average salary and job availability. This has nothing to do with how the world “sees” these professions. I know many people see architecture as a “good” major, but it’s useless right now because people just aren’t building buildings at this time. Yes, business, law, and the medical field are competitive, but much much MUCH easier to break into. With THESE majors you can get an internship while you’re in college and build up your resume. With a performing arts major? Not so much. Trust me, I am one. Acting apprenticeships are few and far between and more often that not you will not be cast in anything you audition for. For every “yes” (and they are not many) there are 100 “no”s.

And about the pro athlete thing. Who are you to say that if you want to become a pro athlete “no one will look at you twice?” That’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Becoming a pro-athlete is as hard if not HARDER than breaking into acting. If you’re not scouted during your college career, you’re not going to be a pro athlete. That’s it. Do you think people actually go to college for basketball or football? No! They go to college for business or engineering or something and play on the basketball team or the football team. In the last 10 or so years only ONE basketball player from my college has made it to the NBA. One. The doubt is just as high as the doubt as when you tell people you’re a theater major. Yes, theater is important and NO, this list is not saying that it is not important. Try to look up what this stuff means before you post it and watch what you say before you say it.

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    Let’s see how you fucks at NBC can survive without fucking film/video production majors. Assholes.
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    Totally agree—especially with what was said about MICA. I’ve got several friends that go there, and it really is a very...
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    Beautiful, and extraordinarily well said.
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